The Great Wyrm of Eberron

After gleaning any information from Athen about the Lord of Blades and his current workings, the group heads back to Vin to discuss their options. Vin seems concerned that the Lord of Blades may be trying to reactivate one of the Creation Forges but believes they need more information before going forward with the matter.

In the meantime, he still needs the group to go and question the shifter they caught after the attack on Fairhaven. Vin does stress that the captive is in somewhat of a state of legal limbo as he has yet to be appointed representation by the city. This means they will most likely get more information out of him before the representative arrives. Vin is trying his best to delay that from happening, but he suggests haste to the team. The three journey to the guard house where they are met by Lieutenant Arthis (from Session 1) and he takes them to a small holding cell where they are met to “question” the prisoner. The find the Shifter in a cell, somewhat emaciated, but otherwise unharmed. Thane does notice that he does have a scar that runs from his thumb to his pinkie finger on his left hand. Finn and Thane go for a more “good cop, bad cop” routine (which doesn’t work the first time around as Thane almost crit fails his intimidate check). The Shifter is quick to declare he is part of the Tainted Kin and his belief that they will run the purebloods from the cities and crush them into the ground.

Unfortunately for the group this was when the shifter’s representative arrived. A fair-haired, petite elven woman who looked to be only a generation or so from the blood of the Valanari themselves. She insists that they treat her client fairly (much to the groups disgruntlement). Taking a glass of water from the corner she insists on having the lieutenant open the cell for her to enter. Upon doing so, she offers the drink to the captive. He thanks her and drinks realizing his mistake too late. “Karavana* sends her love,” the elf whispers to him. As he drops the glass she grabs his hand and slices it open cross-way over his scar with a dagger that was hidden up her sleeve. The three have little time to react. Only Finn was able to get in her way but was knocked back with surprising force as she rushed past him to get out. The group runs after her into the open square in front the guard house. Thane is the first to spot her and he throws his bolos in hopes to pin her from afar. She slips away from them easily but as she spins to face them her body begins to change and morph into something completely different. She grows taller and broader bodied, up to a height of over six feet. Her pale suede cloak flies out from behind her, stretching and expanding into leathered wings with a birth of easily over eight feet. Horns begin to grow from her forehead and curve back over the top of her skull while her skin pales and silvery, reflective scales begin to protrude from her arms, legs and cheekbones. Her fingers elongate and her nails lengthen into claws while her feet morph into three clawed toes which she balances her weight upon. In her final form, all three easily know her, or at least of her. It is Casarahel Aklia’s second. Finn uses his slight of hand to release a dagger, but Casarahel dodges easily. Even Maeve’s tangle-weed is ineffective as their foe uses her powerful wings to move out of their grasp. Now perched atop a gargoyle roughly twenty feet above them she pauses to respond to Thane’s goading of her lack of justice and insinuations of inbred insanity that comes from being a part of the Tainted Kin. After some bantering back and forth, Casarahel tells the three that if they would like to meet Aklia then they need to prove their worth to her. “Find out why the Warforged are being created with hatred in their hearts.”

With that said, she took off into the skies, leaving the group to ponder what she meant. They went back to Vin to tell him what had transpired. He already knew some of it, having been notified of the poisoning of the prisoner, but was shocked to find Casarahel was behind all of it. He suggests they talk to House Cannith as they are the source of the Warforged. He arranges a meeting with Barros, the Dwarven member of the Council of Five as well as the head of Cannith. The next day they meet with him and he explains that all of the Creation Forges were destroyed after the Treaty of Thornhold was signed, ending the Last War. He also reveals that there were three forges in all: One in Cyre (which is now Mournland) one beneath Fairhaven itself (which is now buried beneath the earth) and the last in Sharn (which was removed but the ruins are still intact beneath the Cogs-the lowest level of the city of Sharn) and that Merrix d’Cannith II is working with the old technology that brought the Warforged to life in the first place. Barros does stress that Merrix is not trying to recreate the Warforged themselves (as that is illegal) but merely researching what it was that allowed for such technological advancements. All records of what the forges used as a power source and how the Warforged came to be was lost in their destruction.

Information at hand, the group decides it would be best to go to Sharn and talk with the Warforged in the Cogs. Vin provides passage to Sharn through the lightning rail and within a week’s time they arrive. They make haste to the under levels of the city and after asking around discover there has been a bit of an uprising between the Warforged regarding the Lord of Blades. They go to a Warforged named Smith, who guards the Pool of Onatar’s Tears and works a small forge there making weapons and armor along with other small trinkets for the various houses. He talks openly with the team and they are surprised to find him quite normal in personality and humor. When they mention the ruins of the Forge he tells them that discussing it in the open would be of ill interest. The best thing for them to do is to go to the Red Hammer, a local inn for the Warforged, and wait for him there. He tells them the two matrons of the inn, Blue and Crucible, will get them a private room as long as they let them know they are waiting for him. The three journey to the inn (which is the only building that appears to have not built from the ruins) and are amazed when the two Warforged matrons come to greet them. Both of them are built to resemble the female form and each have facial features that are able to show advanced sets of expression (such as happiness, anger, surprise and even more subtle notions). Despite their anatomy, neither wear anything save for a belt around their hips. Blue’s garners a broadsword of intricate design while Crucible’s holds a small embroidered components pouch. Crucible takes them back to a private room where she discusses with them the problems that have arisen within the last few days. With Smith believing that Onatar guided the Dwarves to create the Warforged and that the god has a purpose for them it makes him at odds with the prophesies of the Lord of Blades. This being said, a few days ago Smith got into an argument with another Warforged and after the other Warforged attacked him, Smith “promptly ripped his arm off and beat him over the head with it”. A small matter, at least for those above the Cogs had the Warforged Smith damaged not been and indentured servant to one of the higher members of a house. This brought the authorities down to question Smith and he has been in a bit of a mood ever sense. Blue brings food in for the guests and the two Warforged women excuse themselves. The group begins to talk amongst themselves, waiting for Smith…

*Karavana means “mother” in elven


I must’ve went to the bathroom while we talked to Smith. =P

So, I know this is weird coming from me, but that was crazy how Casarahel changed like that! Kinda makes me feel a bit inadequate with my imitating…sad. I need to get my hands on some wings too. How awesome was that!

Is it bad that I admire someone who I tried to kill with a dagger?

- Finn

Session 3

I think I found a caretaker for Djuna if we’re ever in a situation when she can’t be brought along! Crucible had that look in her eye that I did the day I got her. What I can I say though, Djuna is quite lovable when she’s not attacking.

I kind of wish I would have eaten.

I’m hungry.

(And maybe if I would have eaten, I would have been alert enough to remember talking to Smith!)

Session 3

“The last three pages have been rendered unreadable due to a jug of water spilling upon my journal I had momentarily left unattended while tending to my prayers. Although the water had been placed upon a level and stable surface whence my return the soggy evidence did indict a disturbance from an unobserved outsider, or outsiders. Djuna was suspiciously silent on the matter.”

-Excerpts from the Journal of Thaneruil Saerath

Session 3

Journal Entry for…today

Lately I’ve been having an itch to pick pocket. I mean, I’ve worked on getting this specific skill set, and now I’m hanging out with a nature loving wolf handler and a crazy uptight, crazy lawful GUARD! What the hel1 was I thinking? I’m not even sure what I’m doing this all for. If I wasn’t so damn curious about all this crazy stuff going on, I would be on the next lightning rail out of here. Thane and Maeve are good enough people, but I feel like we are all keeping each other at arm’s length. I don’t even know anything about these people. For all I know Thane could be some crazy elf supremisit who is just waiting for me to screw up once and he’ll throw me in jail! While I’m pretty sure I’ve only heard Maeve talk about 3 times…kinda freakin’ me out a bit.

No matter, as long as I’m having fun running around, scraping, and getting paid to be a GUARD (still can’t believe that!!!), I’ll be sticking around and seeing how far all this crazy business goes.

- Finn

Session 3

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