The Races of Eberron

The Five Races

As the races that remained pure to the Old God during the rise of the Great Wyrm, these Five control much of Eberron and the Five Nations. The Five races are as follows:

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Dwarves
  • Halflings

While such races are not necessarily considered “Unpure” (such as Half-Elves) they are not concidered Pure either and are unable to take a seat at the Council of Five.

The Unpure Races

These races are numerous and are considered to be almost all that are not of the Pure Five. Abominations or Half Breeds of the Pure and Unpure bloodlines are dealt with swiftly. Many times the children do not make it out of the womb. While the Council of the Five do not have the open authority to eradicate the Unpure races, many times they do little to stop the persecution against them. Many of the Unpure races are not allowed to be more than merchants or tradesman in cities and many more are not allowed in the cities at all. There has been growing decent within the Unpure because of this and whispers of a revival are being found among them.

The Races of Eberron

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