The journal of Aeron d'Cannith

896 Month of Therendor

With such a strong winter, spring was not able to take hold and many crops were lost. This was good news for Cyre as they rage war against Karrnath, but a misfortune for the many that found themselves between Cyre’s blade and starvation. Either is a vial way to end a life.

896 Month of Lharvion

Rumors have started to circulate in regards to a new group of mercenaries that were hired to guard Karrnath’s boarders against Cyre named the Order of the Emerald Claw. I know nothing of them, but wherever mercenaries are, death and greed are sure to come as well. This bodes well for none.

897 Month of Barrakos

The spring has brought little better than the year prior. A shame. Kaius, king of Karrnath showed himself to be a larger fool than I ever suspected. He invaded Aundair. Pity that it turned out so well for him. With food shortages still rampant through his country, they will soon loose what little ground they gained along with leaving themselves open for attack from Cyre.

898 Month of Rhann

The Blood of Vol, a mainly Karrnathi religion showed their true colors in last last weeks by suddenly opening mass reserves of food they had held from previous harvests. The god’s hand or political prowess? Judging from the rumors I hear of Karrnathi attendance to their church services I would bet my money on the latter.

899 Month of Eyre

Seems Vol’s powers ran dry as a plague has wiped out the majority of northern Karrnath, leaving them open to an attack from Aundair. Bickering children, nothing more.

900 Month of Zarantyr

The first war constructs, while a failure in execution, were a success for House Cannith as a whole. Father is incredibly pleased with himself despite the fact that these constructs were far too dependent on their controllers which proved them to be almost useless on the battlefield. He assures me with the right magical applications we can make it so this war’s casualty rate does not increase any further. Using machines to fight our wars. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be truthful.

914 Month of Lharvion

While I have no love for Thrane, my heart goes out to its people as they mourn the loss of their king, Thalin. This is only one more event to roughen the road to peace between the nations.

914 Month of Rhann

The Old Church has revealed to the rest of the world a supposed “vision” King Thalin had right before he died. They are spewing words of how the old god will “reach from ocean to ocean, to build a kingdom for the pure and righteous.” In my experience none are pure, and “righteous” is merely a word many use to hide their arrogance.

915 Month of Zarantyr

The dead king’s words have rang loudly to the fools, calling them from every corner of the globe. A new fervor, a zealotry has been birthed and blood will be spilled because of it you can be certain. Its seems we could have learned by now that nothing good ever comes from forcing ideals onto others.

915 Month of Dravago

The old god’s call for blood has been answered today, though I doubt his lust has been sated. Poor Daslin, blood-regent to Thrane after his father’s death almost a year ago was murdered by his own people’s hand while being branded a heretic. Now they have brought before them a council of five members, each of “pure” blood to rule their nation. While I have always thought democracy was a better representation of the people’s ideals, this is far from a working government. It is a church hierarchy, fools playing games with living beings instead of toys.

915 Month of Sypheros

“Cleansing” is almost common place now. The ones deemed “unpure” (those races not of the Council) are readily arrested, burned or outright slain in the streets. New sects are forming almost every day such as “Pure Land” and “Order of the Pure”. These maggots seem to have a knack for giving interesting names to the most horrific events. A personal favorite is the “Fire of Tribulation” where half-elves have been being brought before the Silver Flame. If they are able to step into it and come out unscathed then they are supposed to have carried their parents pure blood into their lines. Convenient how none have survived yet. Of course, it might also be convenient that there is supposedly several mages on hand while this ritual takes place. Fancy version of fireball if you were to ask me.

916 Month of Olarune

Rumors are beginning to circulate of an gathering of unpure bloods outside the city of Fairhaven. Its about time. They supposedly are being led by a woman of pure origin, although no one is certain yet. It has caused an escalation in the cleansings the church has been performing of late. I swear, if the war doesn’t kill us, religion will.

916 Month of Lharvion

More massacares in the name of the old god. I hope he is weeping for the loss of life in his name. If he isn’t he is a heartless bastard that doesn’t deserve the zealotry he’s created.

959 Month of Sypheros

Father’s toil of trial and error has successfully created the war titans. These are a vast improvement over the cogwheel constructs we have been working with previously as they are able to think entirely on their own and even demonstrate basic tactical prowess. While I still am not certain if tampering in deep magic was the best idea it certainly gave us the break through we needed to allow for the constructs independent thought processes.

960 Month of Eyre

Production of the war titans is slower than expected, but demand is high so the House is taking advantage of their rarity. We’ve been able to make a total of twelve so far and with the advancements Father was able to make in the forges we should be able to double that within the next year.

961 Month of Therendor

My assumptions on the production numbers were correct, but I still am not satisfied with the titians as a whole. They are large, cumbersome and lack…definition from one another. Now that I have seen what can be done with the successful use of deep magics I just can’t help but feel as if we can do more for these beings. Bring them beyond mere constructs into something more. I am almost afraid to speak of such things, but Father seems encouraging of my attempts and House Cannith will turn a blind eye to my experiments as long as they keep receiving the funding it brings. Greed is a powerful ally when one knows how to manipulate it.

961 Month of Barrakas

With the success of the titans House Cannith has poured almost unlimited research into the “Creation” project. This allowed some advanced modifications to the forge that help with the channeling of the deep magics. The gnomes here started calling it the “Creation Forge” so far the name has stuck.

962 Month of Aryth

We’ve created a new version of the Titans, now deemed “Warforged” that seem to be adapting to the use of deep magic much better. They are smaller than the Titans, but almost just as strong and with a greater grasp of intellect as well. As Father is overseeing the many other applications this could bring he has asked me to oversee anything to do with Warforged development, both physically and mentally. While I don’t believe he feels as strongly about creating the Warforged into something more than constructs he is encouraging. That is all a son can ask.

963 Month of Olarune

I made another breakthrough within the Creation Forge. By exacting the core to circulate the exact ratio of the deep magics while focusing it through a khyberstone of a one-hundredth percentile denseness the Warforged have begun to develop personality features. They are minor now, but it seems that with each one that goes through the forge, they heighten. They are no longer constructs, but living creatures capable of thought and ideas.

A glorious accomplishment celebrated by the death of thousands….

986 Month of Aryth

The King of Breland announced rights to the Warforged today. While I would like to take this for what it seems, I cannot. I know in my heart this was not done because the king truly believed these Warforged, who had worked and died to save his nation, deserved to be treated as equals among the races. “Once the war is over” the king stated. “Once the war is over, then you shall have your freedom.” It was done as a political parlor trick with the only motivation to gain stronger loyalty to the Warforged people. Even if this was done as an act of good faith, the Church of Five would never allow it to be so. They cannot even treat a half-elf, beings of their own wombs, fairly. What chance does a construct have?

986 Month of Vult

With the king’s declaration many Warforged have changed sides to Breland, just as I’m sure he anticipated. Now the other countries are demanding more of myself and Father. More from the House. The House Elders seem pleased at all of it. Looking back on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something to do with the king’s proclamation. They don’t care if countless lives are being thrown away as long as they are getting paid to birth more. I think even now Father is wishing he would have never created the Warforged to begin with. He never believes me when I try to argue I am as much to blame as him. After all, I am the one who gave them a soul.


The journal of Aeron d'Cannith

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