Lore of the Old God

According to lore of the Council of Five, the world was once new and whole, created by the Old God for his pleasure and the pleasure of his creatures. Five of the races remained faithful to him through the centuries, praising him for the creation he bestowed upon them. The other races turned from him in time, forgetting what the Old God had done and began creating their own stories of how their world came to be. A Great Wyrm, scales black as the abyss and almost as old as creation itself saw this flaw in the Old God’s creation and in his wiles used it against the god. In his age, he had become great and powerful and believed himself to be equal to the Old God. He presented himself before the unpure races and the worshiped him as a god. Seeing what his creation had become, the Old God came back to the world and battled the Great Wyrm for daring to rise against him. But the Wyrm had become great indeed for the Old God could not fully defeat him. Instead, he bound him and tore the earth open, scarring his creation and creating a mass chasm to hold the bound Wyrm. He threw the Wyrm into the abyss where he was to remain for all eternity. The Old God spoke that there he would lie and cry out for mercy and forgiveness but the Old God would not hear him. To the races that had raised up the Wyrm to godhood he tainted them, calling them unpure. He said that if they were to turn their backs on him, he would then turn his back to them.

Because of this lore, many others are looked at with distain. However, the gods of the pure races are many times said to be “aspects” of the Old God and that he appears to them in many different forms for many different reasons. This being said, there are paladins and clerics that worship the traditional gods of the five races, though if pressed, many of them will admit that they are drawing power from aspects of the Old God himself.

Lore of the Silver Flame

It is said that after the Great Wyrm was cast down the dragons grew angry at the Old God for what he had done to their one of their brethren. They allowed this anger to blacken their hearts and began to war with the other races. Khyber, a Red Wyrm lead the charge against the rest of the Old God’s creation, decimating many in his path. As the pure races struggled against Khyber and his legion, they called out to the Old God once again. He came to them again, this time in the form of a couatl, showing himself to the paladin, Tira Miron. He agreed to sacrifice himself if she in turn did the same. In merging, they created the Silver Flame which immediately encompassed Khyber, causing his red scales to crystalize and his body to shatter across the Old God’s creation.

Other Lores

With the belief of the Old God deeply rooted into the culture of the Five Nations, it would then be understandable that it would also penetrate the other belief systems as well. The other lores exist just as in a normal world, but the gods clerics and paladins worship are considered aspects of the Old God, not gods unto themselves.


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