Aermaius “Order of the Tainted Kin”

History No one is certain when or how the Aermaius or “Tainted Kin” as they are commonly referred to, came about. The Elan, Aklia, is acknowledged as the leader, but it is not positive if she was the one who founded the group or if it was someone else.

Current Status The Tainted Kin are suspected to be gathered somewhere in the Misted Wood, just outside of the Eldeen Reach. Few venture into the wood because of its dangerous lore so if they are actually there is left to debate. The group, simply put, is a smattering of the unpure races gathered together to form some sort of safe-haven for them to exist.

The leader of the group is an Elan named Aklia, who is believed to have once been a member of one of the more prominent houses, but because of the changes she took on when she became an Elan, and also the mysteries of her age, her history is someone scattered. Her two closest advisors are Caseraehel (meaning “Herald of Justice, Shackled to Sorrow” in Elven) and Lucius. Casi is believed to be the one who named the group, given her odd affinity to the Elven language. She is also believed to be the one who started calling Aklia Avaraon which means “My Mother and Keeper” in Elven. Rumors abound that Aklia raised her, and perhaps is even her mother, but none are really certain outside the Aermaius themselves. The rumored lycanthrope, Lucius is far more mysterious. He started appearing in rumors several years ago and has on quite a few occasions required Aklia’s assistance when he has been imprisoned for going into any number of cities.


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