The Great Wyrm of Eberron

Session 5
April 17th 2010
Session 4
March 9th, 2010

After Blue and Crucible left the team to eat and talk amongst themselves, Smith entered the room a short time later. He explains that no one, at least from his knowledge, has been into the ruins of the Creation Forge since its initial destruction. Many of the Warforged in the Cogs believe it to be a sacred place and would not look kindly upon them if they knew they were planning on disturbing it. Smith himself could care less if they go. If it would shed light upon what the Lord of Blades is up to, he would encourage it. However, he warns, it may not be heavily guarded, but he can’t guarantee what they would find when they get there. He can take them to the entrance, but cannot travel any further with them as his duty lies within guarding the Pool of Onatar’s Tears.

The group decides to leave in the morning and Smith tells them to meet him at the pool and he will take them down to the entrance of the forge. After a hearty breakfast (and Crucible playing with Djuna for half the night) the group find’s Smith and they journey down into a canyon that is several hundred feet deep. There they find a set of doors that are large enough for five men to walk through shoulder to shoulder and still have room to spare. Smith bows to the trio and wishes them his best as he can go no further. So the three open the door and journey forward on their own.

At first it seems harmless enough. They enter into a long winding passageway that, while is not as big as the door the entered, is still fairly expansive. It isn’t until Finn’s keen eye catches a covered trap in the middle of the hall that the three truly start to worry. Traveling further down the hallway they start to notice the light from their torches isn’t the only source anymore. At the end of the hall there is an expansive pool, almost eight feet deep from the look of it and the bottom is completely filled with ever-burning torches. Everywhere the water is reflecting in an eerie aquatic hue. That is when the group notices the fifteen foot tall statue of an enormous warforged like creature in the center of the pool. Stepping stones, about four feet long and about four feet apart separate the group from the other side. There were nine in all, much to Thane’s disgruntlement. While he began stripping out of his heavy armor Finn discussed what they should do. Grabbing his rope, with Thane on the other end of it (and his armor safely stowed in his pack) Finn decided to jump across first, so that in case something were to happen, they wouldn’t be trapped out on the middle of these stones while trying to fight. As he got a little over halfway, Thane decided to journey out, jumping carefully from stone to stone. He didn’t take into consideration the algae that had accrued over the past several decades and lost his footing on one of the rock, slipping and splashing into the pool.

Everyone held their breath for a moment, waiting for some trap to erupt with the break in the water’s surface. The only occurrence was, however, a very wet and disgruntled Thane. He carefully climbed back onto the rock and made his way across the rocks, slipping, but not falling only one other time. After they made it over the pool the group continued. The path weaved and split on several occasions which caused the group to have to pick a direction. Sometimes they were right, other times they were forced to back track so they could then continue forward (and at one point Finn’s keen eye failed and he was stabbed with a poisoned dart. Luckily for him it was more irritating then deadly). After a few weaving paths the group found themselves in a room that was over a hundred paces long and almost twice that high. In the center of the room’s floor was a bowl-shaped indentation where it was obvious something had been but was no longer there. The group searched the room carefully to finally discover an old journal in a broken desk in the far corner. Thane carefully opened it and read it aloud to the group, unable to keep the shock from his voice as he continued through each passage. It was obviously from the hand of Aeron d’Cannith, son of Merrix d’Cannith, creator of the Warforged. After reading through it (and a brief discussion of speculation) Thane tucked the journal away and the group continued to search. Unknowingly, the three joined together in the center of the room to discuss what they had learned and released a pressure plate. A small door slide open at the far end of the room, opposite to where they came in at, as well as a rumbling sound and a mechanical roar came from the direction they had entered. The three scurried out into the newly revealed passageway and entered a fairly large space with two hallways leading off. They paused briefly to look around and (once again) discuss their options. Maeve noticed something written on the wall and upon closer inspection saw that it was a sign carved into the wall that said “beware of dogs”. Her bewilderment only lasted for a while as the floor shifted beneath her slightly and she realized she had triggered another pressure plate. Two iron defenders ran out to meet the group, steel fangs bared and ready to defeat the intruders. The group was able to take them down without too much effort, sustaining only a few minor injuries. Having done so the group released the northern hallway (where the defenders had come from) was now closed and there was only one other way to go. Once again it was a series of hallways, decisions of right and left, and a few small back-tracks. But the team was able to make it out of the dungeon with Aeron’s journal in hand and back to Smith. He immediately took them back to the Red Hammer where they could discuss the groups adventures safely. Thane showed Smith the journal and although his features were carved into a permanent neutral tone, the team could hear his overwhelming sense of awe and wonder in his voice. Thane agreed to make a copy of the text for Smith to keep and, not knowing how else to repay them he promised to forge them something from the Pool. For Thane he would give him a tower shield, for Finn a new rapier and for Maeve a new short sword. The team now rests while Smith works diligently on their projects with a newfound fervor.

Session 3
February 28th 2010

After gleaning any information from Athen about the Lord of Blades and his current workings, the group heads back to Vin to discuss their options. Vin seems concerned that the Lord of Blades may be trying to reactivate one of the Creation Forges but believes they need more information before going forward with the matter.

In the meantime, he still needs the group to go and question the shifter they caught after the attack on Fairhaven. Vin does stress that the captive is in somewhat of a state of legal limbo as he has yet to be appointed representation by the city. This means they will most likely get more information out of him before the representative arrives. Vin is trying his best to delay that from happening, but he suggests haste to the team. The three journey to the guard house where they are met by Lieutenant Arthis (from Session 1) and he takes them to a small holding cell where they are met to “question” the prisoner. The find the Shifter in a cell, somewhat emaciated, but otherwise unharmed. Thane does notice that he does have a scar that runs from his thumb to his pinkie finger on his left hand. Finn and Thane go for a more “good cop, bad cop” routine (which doesn’t work the first time around as Thane almost crit fails his intimidate check). The Shifter is quick to declare he is part of the Tainted Kin and his belief that they will run the purebloods from the cities and crush them into the ground.

Unfortunately for the group this was when the shifter’s representative arrived. A fair-haired, petite elven woman who looked to be only a generation or so from the blood of the Valanari themselves. She insists that they treat her client fairly (much to the groups disgruntlement). Taking a glass of water from the corner she insists on having the lieutenant open the cell for her to enter. Upon doing so, she offers the drink to the captive. He thanks her and drinks realizing his mistake too late. “Karavana* sends her love,” the elf whispers to him. As he drops the glass she grabs his hand and slices it open cross-way over his scar with a dagger that was hidden up her sleeve. The three have little time to react. Only Finn was able to get in her way but was knocked back with surprising force as she rushed past him to get out. The group runs after her into the open square in front the guard house. Thane is the first to spot her and he throws his bolos in hopes to pin her from afar. She slips away from them easily but as she spins to face them her body begins to change and morph into something completely different. She grows taller and broader bodied, up to a height of over six feet. Her pale suede cloak flies out from behind her, stretching and expanding into leathered wings with a birth of easily over eight feet. Horns begin to grow from her forehead and curve back over the top of her skull while her skin pales and silvery, reflective scales begin to protrude from her arms, legs and cheekbones. Her fingers elongate and her nails lengthen into claws while her feet morph into three clawed toes which she balances her weight upon. In her final form, all three easily know her, or at least of her. It is Casarahel Aklia’s second. Finn uses his slight of hand to release a dagger, but Casarahel dodges easily. Even Maeve’s tangle-weed is ineffective as their foe uses her powerful wings to move out of their grasp. Now perched atop a gargoyle roughly twenty feet above them she pauses to respond to Thane’s goading of her lack of justice and insinuations of inbred insanity that comes from being a part of the Tainted Kin. After some bantering back and forth, Casarahel tells the three that if they would like to meet Aklia then they need to prove their worth to her. “Find out why the Warforged are being created with hatred in their hearts.”

With that said, she took off into the skies, leaving the group to ponder what she meant. They went back to Vin to tell him what had transpired. He already knew some of it, having been notified of the poisoning of the prisoner, but was shocked to find Casarahel was behind all of it. He suggests they talk to House Cannith as they are the source of the Warforged. He arranges a meeting with Barros, the Dwarven member of the Council of Five as well as the head of Cannith. The next day they meet with him and he explains that all of the Creation Forges were destroyed after the Treaty of Thornhold was signed, ending the Last War. He also reveals that there were three forges in all: One in Cyre (which is now Mournland) one beneath Fairhaven itself (which is now buried beneath the earth) and the last in Sharn (which was removed but the ruins are still intact beneath the Cogs-the lowest level of the city of Sharn) and that Merrix d’Cannith II is working with the old technology that brought the Warforged to life in the first place. Barros does stress that Merrix is not trying to recreate the Warforged themselves (as that is illegal) but merely researching what it was that allowed for such technological advancements. All records of what the forges used as a power source and how the Warforged came to be was lost in their destruction.

Information at hand, the group decides it would be best to go to Sharn and talk with the Warforged in the Cogs. Vin provides passage to Sharn through the lightning rail and within a week’s time they arrive. They make haste to the under levels of the city and after asking around discover there has been a bit of an uprising between the Warforged regarding the Lord of Blades. They go to a Warforged named Smith, who guards the Pool of Onatar’s Tears and works a small forge there making weapons and armor along with other small trinkets for the various houses. He talks openly with the team and they are surprised to find him quite normal in personality and humor. When they mention the ruins of the Forge he tells them that discussing it in the open would be of ill interest. The best thing for them to do is to go to the Red Hammer, a local inn for the Warforged, and wait for him there. He tells them the two matrons of the inn, Blue and Crucible, will get them a private room as long as they let them know they are waiting for him. The three journey to the inn (which is the only building that appears to have not built from the ruins) and are amazed when the two Warforged matrons come to greet them. Both of them are built to resemble the female form and each have facial features that are able to show advanced sets of expression (such as happiness, anger, surprise and even more subtle notions). Despite their anatomy, neither wear anything save for a belt around their hips. Blue’s garners a broadsword of intricate design while Crucible’s holds a small embroidered components pouch. Crucible takes them back to a private room where she discusses with them the problems that have arisen within the last few days. With Smith believing that Onatar guided the Dwarves to create the Warforged and that the god has a purpose for them it makes him at odds with the prophesies of the Lord of Blades. This being said, a few days ago Smith got into an argument with another Warforged and after the other Warforged attacked him, Smith “promptly ripped his arm off and beat him over the head with it”. A small matter, at least for those above the Cogs had the Warforged Smith damaged not been and indentured servant to one of the higher members of a house. This brought the authorities down to question Smith and he has been in a bit of a mood ever sense. Blue brings food in for the guests and the two Warforged women excuse themselves. The group begins to talk amongst themselves, waiting for Smith…

*Karavana means “mother” in elven

Session 2
Jan 31st 2010

After the group rid themselves of the two menacing warforged they examined the room to find an array of silver along with some rags and hay-made beds in the corners. Thane was fortunate enough to find a potion that allowed some DR reduction against magic damage along with an interesting crest on the inner chest plate of one of the warforged. (it was a heart with ram-like horns curving around it and a dagger pierced through the center) as well as the symbol for the Lord of Blade etched into their arms. They decided the leave at that point and rest for the night before going back and examining the last room. After an uneventful nights rest (and Finn coming up with a rather ingenious tale of “worshipping a traveling god” which allowed him a few hours extra rest-as he was a changeling disguised as an elf, which meant he still needed a full 8hrs rest. Thane didn’t know that though.) They went back into the ruins to the final room. It turned out to be an old library were a few enslaved goblins were working diligently at the stern hand of their master who happended to be another warforged. The only difference with this warforged (besides his rather flamboyant personality) was the fact that he seemed much more advanced then the other two they had fought. While the group entered the fight that ensued with great enthusiasm it became quickly apparent (especially since Maeve made up for her crit fail the night before with a crit this time around) that they were not ready to face him. They had succeeded in their mission, which was to find out what was happening in the ruins. Since they had done so they were free to return to Vin. And return they did. Upon their return they did find some rather surprising news. The city of Fairhaven had been attacked…from the inside. It was said to be the work of the Tainted Kin. Their group attacked with numbers that ranged into the hundreds. Vin seemed very distraught by all of it, and became even more so after he heard the news of warforged camping in the ruins. He asked Maeve and Finn to stay on as temporary guards for the city of Fairhaven, at least until they were able to get their numbers back up from the attack. He revealed to them that both Lucius and the drow they had captured in the previous session had escaped during the attack, but that they had gotten their hands on one of the seeming leaders of the attack. He wanted them to question the man, but not before they had more information. He then requested that they go speak to another warforged named Athen that lived in a small community next to the blacksmithing district. He was a bit of an information broker and if anyone in the city knew about the Lord of Blades he would. They three traveled to meet him only to find out that he was one of the original warforged and therefore lacking a bit in personality and social skills. They explained to him what they wanted and in a very robotic voice he explained to them that he wanted something in return. When prodded he told them that his former master had denied him his “partner” (warforged sometimes seek companionship in the form of friendship of one another. While there is nothing sexual in this nature they share a closeness with their partners that they don’t with anyone else.) Athen tells the group that in order for him to tell them about the Lord of Blades they must first do to his master what his master had done to him. Deny him the one thing he cares for: his daughter. Thane (being a lawful neutral character…and also a bit of a racist) isn’t partial to this idea, but thanks to Finn’s quick thinking (or Sarah’s at this point, since she thought of it but her character Maeve, didn’t know Finn was a changeling) decides to try to trick Athen into believing that he is the girl. They get as much information as they can from Athen. He explains that his master’s house is built on the old mage academy and that there is a secret entrance beneath the house that can be accessed through the service tunnels in the sewer. He draws out a map that, if followed, will avoid any guards in the house. After they leave Finn takes the time to explain to Thane and Maeve the situation he is in. He is a changeling and yes, he has been deceiving them but there is a chance to do some good here. All he needs is a look at the girl (who’s name is Justine) and he can mimic her appearance. They can then question Athen for information and he can escape later on. The three agree to this plan, but it comes with a few hitches. First, the girl seems to be a loner with no friends. Secondly, Athen is an information broker. He will know if they make any contact with Justine’s father in any way. They decide the best course of action is to sneak through the house with the directions given to them by Athen so that Finn can get a good look at Justine and then leave. That night they sneak into the sewer and travel into the old mage academy. The history behind this area was that before the war when the apprentices were trying for magehood they would be sent through puzzles and trials to see if their wit, determination and intellegence could see them through. The hitch was that magic could not be used. (my team never actually cast a spell so they didn’t get to that part. If they had the wards surrounding the next area would have caused it to automatically fail). They entered a room with a large stone table about 3 feet in diameter in the center of the table. Along its edge were eight rods of different colors and designs protruding from it. The colors were as follows:
white core that went to yellow

brown core that went to green

white core that went to black

clear core that went do blue

solid black


white rod with silver lining

yellow core that went to red
The wall across from the door they entered had a picture that mirrored the table, colored rods and all. The group figured out that when you pulled the rods from the table, they disappeared from the wall. After four were pulled, a small seam appeared in the middle of the wall. After the last was pulled, the wall separated and the next room appeared. The next room was curved slightly, but was only about 12ft or so long with a small room attached to it on the outer wall. When they went into the room they noticed a waist high, thin pillar that was somewhat hollow on the inside (enough to put one of the rods inside) and around its base in elven read the following: “I mourn my birth and go down to my death.” The group placed the clear and blue rod in the pillar and the door behind them shut and the rod was ejected from the pillar. They heard a great deal of rumbling. After a moment the door re-opend and they realized the room had rotated and there was now another room where the original entrance had been. When they walked towards it, a wall slid behind them, closing them off from the first room and forcing them into the next. The room also had a pillar, but this had a different riddle. “I am always hungry, but never thirsty.” They tried various rods and moved around to various rooms until they managed to successfully insert a rod. (it was the first riddle and the rod that matched it was the white rod with yellow edges.) when they finally matched the rod they saw an illusion of a sun going through its cycles. Rising in the mourning and going down in the evening. They then went through to figure out the rest of the riddles, which goes as follows:
“I am never far behind, but always the last to catch up.”

“My body is as still as glass and always moving.”

“I am hungry but never thirsty.”

I know not time yet acknowledge the season’s passing.”

“I am the light in the shadows save for when the shadows cover me.”

“I am always beginning and have no end.”

“I have many moods yet no personality.”
After they figured out the final rod placement they were able to unlock the final room which was an entry way into the lower levels of the merchant’s house. They were able to follow Athen’s directions quickly and make it to Justine’s room. The only thing they didn’t bargain for was, firstly, Justine was blind and secondly, she didn’t want to be there anymore than they did. It turned out that the reason Justine’s father denied Athen his partner was because Justine was his partner. She had spent her life in hiding because of the shame her father felt around her blindness. She gladly left with them and the three escaped to Athen’s small shack (but not before Thane bled all over everything to make a convincing “kidnapped then killed” appearance in Justine’s room.) When they went back to Athen he explained to them that, yes, the Lord of Blades is real and he does have one of the last Cannith forges from the war. The only problem is that it currently isn’t in full working order, which means that creating a warforged can be a slow and difficult process for him. Finn also asked about the attack on the city and if the Tainted Kin were truly behind it. Athen said that he wasn’t sure. He’d heard rumors that upon Lucius’s escape he fought with the guard, defending the city, instead of against them. This was all rumor and speculation, however, and nothing could be determined for certain until more data could be obtained. Finn asked why someone would want to make it look like the Tainted Kin and if it wasn’t them, who else could it have been.

Session 1
Jan 17th 2010

The first session was an interesting one as I learned the overall progression of combat and story telling. It started with Thane being transferred to Fairhaven. On his way to the city however, the lightning rail he was riding was attacked (they still don’t know by whom). All he knows is that he followed five dark-clad figures into the woods in the middle of the night only to find he does not have a decent survival check.

Meanwhile, Finn was camped a few days outside of Fairhaven as he had recently been run out of the city when his true identity was discovered. It wasn’t the first time this had happened so he figured he would do as he always did. Wait outside the city for a few days and then saunter back in as one of his many personalities. The one he had chosen this time was generic elf #2. He did not count on being attacked by a group of bandits as he was settling in for the night. He was able to figure out there were probably about two or three of them although who they were and what they wanted he didn’t know.

On her way to Fairhaven herself, Maeve came upon Finn’s predicament when she heard a bit of commotion toward the edge of the woods. Her and her faithful wolf pup, Djuna, were quick to investigate and (thanks to a great spot check) were able to determine that Finn was in quite a bit of trouble. She was able to distract one of them, a goblin, by throwing a spear at him. The bad news was the spear didn’t hit him, the good news was Finn finally saw the goblin and therefore wasn’t able to be sneak attacked.

It was at this point that Thane was finally able to make he way to the road. It only took him a few moments to realize that someone was being ambushed, and like a good, lawful paladin he should go help. Unfortunately for him, the Drow he came up against rolled really well and gave him quite a bruise with his heavy mace. Fortunately for him, Djuna (the wolf pup) was a lot stronger than anyone gave her credit for and ripped into him quite soundly. While Thane was dealing with the drow and another goblin, Finn and Maeve were having a time dealing with their own enemy. The three of them seemed to be struck blind and clumsy as no one was able to get off a decent blow. Thane then decided that he would try to provoke the drow and goblin he was facing into attacking him and not going over to help their other goblin friend. Thane hadn’t anticipated that his voice would crack when he threatened them along with dropping his own sword (thanks to a running tradition that night of Thane rolling really really badly). Because of this, the drow decided to go over and attempt to subdue Maeve. He got off a pretty decent hit too. What he hadn’t realized though was when you hit a druid their pets go crazy (and also on Djuna’s next roll she hit for max damage). Needless to say the drow was down. The group made short work of the goblin they had surrounded and the other fled quickly into the night after witnessing his boss’s fall.

The battle now over, Thane secured the drow who was 1.) Not dead yet, merely unconscious and 2.) Dressed in the same garb as the ones who’d attacked the lightning rail. A solid search check revealed a Lolth pendent around his neck, but nothing else. The drow secure, but still unconscious, they settled in for the night with Thane taking the first watch.

While the night was mostly uneventful, Thane did catch a glimpse of a fairly large gray wolf wandering the perimeter of the camp. As the wolf did not look aggressive, he watched it for a few moments before it took its leave. Thane did mention the sighting to Finn a few hours later (who had to roll to make a save to not take negatives as he had not gotten a full 8hrs that night. Thane, who was an elf didn’t expect he would need to sleep any more than four hours…the b!%@h of being a changeling.) as well as Maeve when she woke in the morning. She was able to track the wolf and saw that it had headed across the road and south of their camp, but saw nothing else. <be>
The three made a gurney for the wounded drow after interrogation brought them nothing. Thane’s search of him found only a simple Lolth charm around his neck. Finn, having no patience for the drow’s unwillingness, knocked him unconscious again and they set off to the city. It was a good two hours before dusk when they made it to the gates of Fairhaven where several guards were posted across the open entryway. Thane flagged a one down and informed him of the drow and their situation. The guard took them to a nearby station where they were asked to surrender their belongings for a procedural check while they had a guard go get the captain. When Thane dumped the contents of his pouch, a white envelop fell out that he did not recognize. The guard grabbed it before he could say anything and left the room, looking rather disturbed. Finn and Maeve were able to steal a glance at the seal on the letter before it was snatched, seeing a red crescent moon in front of a crossed olive branch and sheathed blade. Once the captain came in he told them they were to be brought in front of the council as soon as the members could gather. None of them resisted and they soon found themselves in front of four of the five members of the council. It was there they were informed the letter had been written by Aklia herself requesting the release of her companion, Lucius.

This is when the fifth member of the council comes in, an elf named Vin. He instantly recognizes Thane, whom he had helped before in Wroat and, as the elder of the council is able to take full responsibility for their actions. He lets them know that to prove their loyalty and innocence they are going to have to travel to the Starpeak mountains where some old ruins were unearthed. The archeologists who first discovered it went missing and any they send there don’t return save one, who had lost his mind, stating only “metal and wood and piercing the heart”. The three have no choice but to take Vin up on his offer and leave in the morning after being bound, magically, to serve out their quest.

After traveling on the lightning rail a few days they are able to make it to the foothills of the Starpeaks. It doesn’t take them long before they discover the ruins that had recently been excavated. A quick spot check reveals an odd symbol on the door.

o o o

\ | /


They explore the ruins to discover what looks to be the remains of a very old temple of some sort, though none are able to recognize the deity. The only clues they find are in the center room there is a statue of a humanoid being with three heads so worn that none of the features can be made out. By the time they reach the third room they Finn realizes that everything seems to be too well placed. It was as if the rooms had been gone through but made to look as if they were not. Going further inside they found a stairwell leading to a lower level where they discovered two rooms that resembled offices of some sort as well as heard voices further down the hallway. In the second room, Finn discovered a secret passageway that led further down yet. At the bottom of the stairwell it opened up into a room where two warforged looked to be going through some things. Thane was the first to enter followed by Finn and then Maeve who took point and drew her bow (unfortunately a crit fail and a bad “high or low” call had her hitting Thane instead). The fight then turned brutal, Thane loosing more than half his health to that one shot and going unconscious shortly after. Luckily, there was some quick thinking on the party’s part and they were not only able to resurrect their fallen companion but also get the Warforged rather tangled up to be pecked off from the outskirts of the room. With the Warforged taken care of they were free to search the room. They found a symbol of a blade with a crown sitting over its hilt burned into the wood of each of the warforged arms while Thane was able to uncover a book that looked to be in a language none of them had ever seen.


Continuing the Details

I’ve made some minor updates to character bios involving Aklia, Casarahel and Lucius. There is also new information about the group Aermaius on the wiki. More character pics should be soon to come as well as a slightly altered eberron map of Khorvaire that will include the Great Scar.

Getting Started

The campaign has not officially started, so I am instead getting the details together of what the story entails. What I can tell my players and what must remain in my head (and of course, those are the hardest secrets to keep). I am excited to get started, but I am afraid it will have to wait until after the holiday season. As a new DM I need to make sure I am able to give my campaign the attention it deserves.


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