Five fingered, two-toed, slightly expressive facial construction




Smith is the diligent watchmen of the Pool of Onatar’s Tears in the lower cogs of Sharn. He not only ensures the pool remains pure, but also crafts weapons armor and other various items from a small forge created next to the water’s edge. He is a firm believer that Onatar lead House Cannith and the d’Cannith family in creating the Warforged. Even though many of the Warforged do not agree with his views he is often sought out for advice and help by his fellow constructs because of his gentle willing attitude. His only true friends would be Blue and Crucible the innkeepers of the Red Hammer and fellow believers in Onatar. Nothing is known about his life before he arrived at the pool and what he did during the Last War, or even if he had a place in it.


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