Dark brown hair, down too shoulder blades. Medium complexion. Height- 5’10” Age- 22

HP- 18 Weapons- Short Spear, Short Bow Armor- Leather Wolf- Djuna

Djuna: Grey and white. Green eyes. Age- Teenage pup.

HP- 13 Weapons- teeth.


I grew up alone in a small house with my Elven mother just outside the Capitol. The only solid information that I’ve managed to obtain about my father is that he is Human, nothing else. While my mother was very accepting and raised me as a purest, the rest of the community was not as understanding. I’ve spent most of my life resenting my father for making me the way I am, but I’ve maintained a curiosity about the Human race and when possible, I collect Human trinkets. I’ve recently left to live on my own and I’m learning to adjust to life on the go.


The Great Wyrm of Eberron slaman1989