Vinalisal "Vin"


Standing around 5’9” with a lythe but sturdy frame and lighter complexion. He generally is seen with his dark blue black hair tied back in a half ponytail by a single black leather cord while his dark aqua eyes remain soft but serious. Graceful, even for an Elf, his movements are often fluid and enjoys dancing many times looking for any excuse to go to a formal that will give him the opportunity.


Vinalisal or Vin as many call him, has been the Elven representative for the Council of Five for the last two decades (relatively short for an Elven representative). He was born of the Lyrandar, though he is not dragon-marked himself. He has been relatively liberal in his rule, showing much more compassion for the Unpure than many of the other Council members and has been working with the other nations to bring greater understanding to the Council of the Five and their rulers. He is never seen without his assistant, Glorianna, a mute Half-Elf who is as beautiful as she is silent. While many rumors surround the two, Vin is seen as a fair Councilman, if not sometimes overly compassionate to the less fortunate.

Vinalisal "Vin"

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