Casi has pale gray skin accented by shimmering silver scales on her outer arms, legs cheekbones and spine. Thick horns protrude from the top of her forehead, curving backward over her skull. She stands at an even six feet and walks on her toes, though she wears heeled shoes to mask it. Large, leathery wings spring from her shoulder-blades, although it is unclear if they are strong enough to support her weight in flight. Her top canines are slightly pointed, and stick out slightly from beneath her upper lip, even when her mouth is closed.


Casarahel’s history is not widely known throughout Eberron. There are rumors that she disguises herself as an elf maiden to seduce men and consume them in the dark of night and that she is of demonic, or succubi linage. She is the most widely feared of the three involved with the Aermaius.


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