A rugged man who stands around 6’3” even when not in hybrid form, he appears as a force to be reckoned with. Heavily built, with shaggy brown hair and a yellow eye (he lost his right eye before coming to the resistance, a heavy scar runs from the right side of his forehead to halfway down his cheek. He has never spoken as to how he received it.) He spends most of his time in his wolven hybrid form rather than his true humanoid form, though none know as to why he prefers it this way.


Staying true to Aklia’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, Lucius is a Shifter who has honed his lycanthrope bloodline to allow him to alter his shape to both a hybrid humaniod-wolf form as well as a full wolf. He appeared in the camp of the refuge’s one day next to Aklia after she had disappeared for some time, and now rarely leaves her side. Most believe it is because of some personal debt that he owes her, although others claim that it is his bestial instincts towards the alpha of the group. He tends to cause more trouble then Aklia or Casarahel although no one could really say why since Casarahel’s appearance tends to be the more frightening of the two.


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