Glorianna appears to be in her early twenties, although her elven heritage could make her much older. She has waist length, pale blonde hair with watery blue eyes and full red lips with a fair complexion. To say she was merely beautiful would be insulting as she can even cause the highest of Elven blood to turn their head. Her petite build is accented by her full, hourglass figure. The only slight mar is her speechlessness, though many a men, and even woman, joke that it is that very aspect that makes her the perfect woman.


The mute assistant to the Councilman Vinalisal (“Vin”) she is a constant shadow to him. Many rumors abound as to why Vin keeps her so close and as to how she became mute. Many believe he himself cut our her tongue so that she could not sell his secrets, while others say she was born that way, and Vin had the mercy to take her in despite being a Half-Elf. Others still say that the only “assistance” she offers is to warm in during the colder nights. As to her true origins, none but Vin and Glorianna know that, and she is obviously not telling.


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