Dark complected with short, spikey black hair and joyous gray eyes. Djimera is young and her bardic tendencies make her seem carefree, but she is not always as nieve or helpless as she seems. She is small framed, standing at only 3’5” feet, and makes up for her lack of strength by quickness and wit.


Djimera grew up in a small troupe of traveling acrobats and, until recently, was one of their star performers. According to her, however, that when the band leader’s son came onto her she was forced to leave as the band leader’s wife did not believe that he was he to came onto her and not she who tried to seduce his son. Djimera blames it on the fact that there are far too few Halfling women around for a young boy such as himself to properly relieve his stresses. Now she travels on her own, going from city to city as a street performer. While she claims that she is not necessarily looking for a new troupe, she states that if one came her way she might not turn them down.


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