Long dark red hair (almost appearing black) with pale complexion and lythe frame. Artic blue eyes and fine, almost elven features including higher cheekbones. Stands 5’9” but is usually considered shorter because of Casarahel and Lucius.


Leader of the renegade group, Aermaius, Aklia is driven to fight the Council against the persecution of the “Unpure” races. She tries to set an example of diplomacy over violence and many of her followers say that her favorite inspiring words are “By fighting we only prove that we are what they call us, ignorant and evil.” Aloof at best about her family history she has made a very clear point of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to her recruits. Since she has never actually been caught doing anything illegal and isn’t technically of unpure bloodlines (but also isn’t considered “pure”), she is free to come and go anywhere within Khorvaire, although she will usually only frequent a city if she is trying to draw a treaty between the Council of Five and her “people”.


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