The Great Wyrm of Eberron

Session 4

March 9th, 2010

After Blue and Crucible left the team to eat and talk amongst themselves, Smith entered the room a short time later. He explains that no one, at least from his knowledge, has been into the ruins of the Creation Forge since its initial destruction. Many of the Warforged in the Cogs believe it to be a sacred place and would not look kindly upon them if they knew they were planning on disturbing it. Smith himself could care less if they go. If it would shed light upon what the Lord of Blades is up to, he would encourage it. However, he warns, it may not be heavily guarded, but he can’t guarantee what they would find when they get there. He can take them to the entrance, but cannot travel any further with them as his duty lies within guarding the Pool of Onatar’s Tears.

The group decides to leave in the morning and Smith tells them to meet him at the pool and he will take them down to the entrance of the forge. After a hearty breakfast (and Crucible playing with Djuna for half the night) the group find’s Smith and they journey down into a canyon that is several hundred feet deep. There they find a set of doors that are large enough for five men to walk through shoulder to shoulder and still have room to spare. Smith bows to the trio and wishes them his best as he can go no further. So the three open the door and journey forward on their own.

At first it seems harmless enough. They enter into a long winding passageway that, while is not as big as the door the entered, is still fairly expansive. It isn’t until Finn’s keen eye catches a covered trap in the middle of the hall that the three truly start to worry. Traveling further down the hallway they start to notice the light from their torches isn’t the only source anymore. At the end of the hall there is an expansive pool, almost eight feet deep from the look of it and the bottom is completely filled with ever-burning torches. Everywhere the water is reflecting in an eerie aquatic hue. That is when the group notices the fifteen foot tall statue of an enormous warforged like creature in the center of the pool. Stepping stones, about four feet long and about four feet apart separate the group from the other side. There were nine in all, much to Thane’s disgruntlement. While he began stripping out of his heavy armor Finn discussed what they should do. Grabbing his rope, with Thane on the other end of it (and his armor safely stowed in his pack) Finn decided to jump across first, so that in case something were to happen, they wouldn’t be trapped out on the middle of these stones while trying to fight. As he got a little over halfway, Thane decided to journey out, jumping carefully from stone to stone. He didn’t take into consideration the algae that had accrued over the past several decades and lost his footing on one of the rock, slipping and splashing into the pool.

Everyone held their breath for a moment, waiting for some trap to erupt with the break in the water’s surface. The only occurrence was, however, a very wet and disgruntled Thane. He carefully climbed back onto the rock and made his way across the rocks, slipping, but not falling only one other time. After they made it over the pool the group continued. The path weaved and split on several occasions which caused the group to have to pick a direction. Sometimes they were right, other times they were forced to back track so they could then continue forward (and at one point Finn’s keen eye failed and he was stabbed with a poisoned dart. Luckily for him it was more irritating then deadly). After a few weaving paths the group found themselves in a room that was over a hundred paces long and almost twice that high. In the center of the room’s floor was a bowl-shaped indentation where it was obvious something had been but was no longer there. The group searched the room carefully to finally discover an old journal in a broken desk in the far corner. Thane carefully opened it and read it aloud to the group, unable to keep the shock from his voice as he continued through each passage. It was obviously from the hand of Aeron d’Cannith, son of Merrix d’Cannith, creator of the Warforged. After reading through it (and a brief discussion of speculation) Thane tucked the journal away and the group continued to search. Unknowingly, the three joined together in the center of the room to discuss what they had learned and released a pressure plate. A small door slide open at the far end of the room, opposite to where they came in at, as well as a rumbling sound and a mechanical roar came from the direction they had entered. The three scurried out into the newly revealed passageway and entered a fairly large space with two hallways leading off. They paused briefly to look around and (once again) discuss their options. Maeve noticed something written on the wall and upon closer inspection saw that it was a sign carved into the wall that said “beware of dogs”. Her bewilderment only lasted for a while as the floor shifted beneath her slightly and she realized she had triggered another pressure plate. Two iron defenders ran out to meet the group, steel fangs bared and ready to defeat the intruders. The group was able to take them down without too much effort, sustaining only a few minor injuries. Having done so the group released the northern hallway (where the defenders had come from) was now closed and there was only one other way to go. Once again it was a series of hallways, decisions of right and left, and a few small back-tracks. But the team was able to make it out of the dungeon with Aeron’s journal in hand and back to Smith. He immediately took them back to the Red Hammer where they could discuss the groups adventures safely. Thane showed Smith the journal and although his features were carved into a permanent neutral tone, the team could hear his overwhelming sense of awe and wonder in his voice. Thane agreed to make a copy of the text for Smith to keep and, not knowing how else to repay them he promised to forge them something from the Pool. For Thane he would give him a tower shield, for Finn a new rapier and for Maeve a new short sword. The team now rests while Smith works diligently on their projects with a newfound fervor.


Journal Entry for…Today I never really thought too much of the Warforged as individuals. I haven’t ever had a problem with them as a whole, but all of them I’ve met have been stiff and quite bland personality wise, until we went to the cogs. I had no idea how…lifelike some of the Warforged are.

Blue and Crucible are engineering marvels, and at the same time more humane than most humans. You can tell they care for those around them, and look after those who need it. I even think Crucible might like Djuna as much as Maeve does. =) Who knew Warforged could/did cook? Tasty food too! Not even a little bit oily or poisoned. I wonder who taught them?

Smith at first was quite intimidating, but once you get to know him, you realize he’s much more intimidating than you thought. Even with that, Smith seems to be a kind soul with a spectacular gift. He is by far the greatest, most skilled blacksmith I have ever seen. I wish I had 300 years to work on my knife skills. I’m always excited to get a new weapon, but my new rapier coming from Smith is probably the most I’ve ever gotten over one. They’re not even mine and I’m pumped to see Maeve’s and Thane’s new weapons. I have a good feeling he will be quite the ally to have. Especially once Maeve decides to get Djuna some awesome little doggy armor. Which I’m sure Smith would do if Maeve can keep Djuna from drinking from the sacred spring he protects…

Then there’s Screwy. Good ol’ Screwy. Easily my favorite Warforged of them all. Yes, he may be missing a few cogs in that banged up noggin of his, but he definitely makes up for it by being ridiculously hilarious, and even nicer than he is funny. I’m proud to be wearing his logo on my backpack. As long as I’m in the area, he will be the only merchant I go to for equipment.

There is one thing I don’t like about these Warforged creations. The dog versions. Who thought that was a good idea? “Hey what could we do to make the Warforged even more terrifying?” “How about 4 legs, razors for teeth, sharpened metal claws, and a low functioning brain?” “Sounds great!” Thank god we didn’t shoot each other, so all the harm the robodogs did were to Thane’s armor. Maybe Screwy could buff out the scratches, or at least he could cover them with smiley faces.

Anywho, as a group we are finally starting to gel. Yesterday I think I heard Maeve speak just for the hell of it. It was pretty exciting. I believe Thane in fact went a whole day without giving me a funny look, and I’ve even went a whole 3 weeks without pick pocketing someone. Now, I don’t think I’m done with it, but her, who’s perfect? Thane. Well, he thinks he is anyways. At least he hasn’t tried to arrest me yet. It was a close call once though. Thankfully he let me off with a stern warning the time I accidentally littered one of my scraps of cloth. Wouldn’t want to know what would happen if I did that in the forest. Maeve and Thane would both string me up.

As much fun though as it is having people around consistently, it is getting a bit awkward for me. I’ve never been in the same form for so long. It might just be in my head, but I almost feel stuck. Like, even if I tried to change, I wouldn’t be able to. I don’t understand how others can handle being in the same skin their whole lives. How absolutely dull. Maybe, to lift my spirits, I’ll imitate Maeve and have a bit of fun with Djuna. On the other hand, I’ve seen her rip off the plating of a Warforged…I’ll think of something else.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep writing in between awesome adventures. All the while, constantly looking for poison dart tripwires, and pressure plates that will spell certain doom ,with the likes of a War Titan, with the capacity to make canned Changeling jelly. I have a feeling my daggers might not be super effective against it, so I’m going to make a mental note not too fight any of them. However, Thane’s strategy to yell at it would be very amusing to watch.

That’s it for now, looks like Thane and Maeve are done arguing over Djuna using one of Thane’s gauntlets as a chew toy. Probably safe to go back now…maybe.


Session 4

Talk about an adventure! Man, we’ve had some epically wild happenings these past few days. Exploring the cogs was both frightening and eventful. My heart was beating so fast as we jumped over those stepping-stones. I was starring at that monstrous Warforged statue thinking to myself: “If that thing were real, we’d be dead.” Sure enough, Thane gets too over confident, falls, and thrashes about in the pool. It scared the living daylights out of me! Once that ordeal had passed, we were finally able to continue forth.

That journal we found in the giant room seemed to hold a lot of information about the creation of the Warforged. Those missing pages make me suspicious though! They were ripped out right at the base of the page! Hmm… more speculation on this later… [SEE FORUM]

And then those horrendous Warforged-dog creatures! I think I saw Djuna quiver for the first time. They were utterly terrifying! Somehow, we survived. I feel like I’m finally starting to get more comfortable around Thane and Finn. I spent so much time alone with Djuna, I’m not really used to being social. Ah, well. With time, I’ll only becoming increasingly more comfortable.

Session 4

“First Athen and Justine and now Smith, and my sense of the world is changing. Aeron’s Journal sheds light on the creation process of the Warforged, but for them to have personality? Athen’s supposed affection for Justine, and her blind adoration of him, would suggest such emotional capacity within their stone hearts, yet I find myself hesitant to acknowledge their sentience. Perhaps they are made to appear as if they have emotion? Still, Smith’s appreciation for the Journal appeared genuine. And I find I like Smith, his devotion to his craft reminds me much of my own worship of Kord, and though he looks to be nothing but an animate tool, he expresses cryptic pleasures in his work I find kinship with.

As to the recent revelation of Aeron’s journal, it seems to be a tool the Lord of Blades would seek out diligently. Odd that a servant of Aklia would bid us to find this evidence against the Lord of Blades, so I cannot help but feel their is foul play about. Within the journal itself, Aeron speaks not only to the creation process of the war-tools but highly of “rights” for the creatures of his creation. I feel disdain for Aeron’s refusal to acknowledge the superiority of certain species within various avenues of social life, but am in agreement that punishment of death for supposed “impurities” is at best irrational fear. Races are made differently, but there is no occasion for such vigilante justice. As to the use the Lord of Blades would have for such a document, it is simple; yet something in me believes there is more to this plot. The Lord of Blades and their angry rabble could not have gotten this far without allies- or sponsors of some sort. The Mournland is kept secure under normal conditions, so without outside assistance their is little chance of them forming much of an armed force outside their poisoned lands.

And what of the assassination of our captive Drow friend? Aklia at once stymies the process of natural justice and then extols us to find evidence of the warforged rebellion. Perhaps she seeks an alliance of convenience? Or mayhap we are being used for fetching useless trinkets for a group of terrorists whilst they plot behind our backs.

I am conflicted, and must pray accordingly. Strange times indeed.” -Excerpt from the Journal of Thaneruil Saerath

Session 4

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