The Great Wyrm of Eberron

Session 2

Jan 31st 2010

After the group rid themselves of the two menacing warforged they examined the room to find an array of silver along with some rags and hay-made beds in the corners. Thane was fortunate enough to find a potion that allowed some DR reduction against magic damage along with an interesting crest on the inner chest plate of one of the warforged. (it was a heart with ram-like horns curving around it and a dagger pierced through the center) as well as the symbol for the Lord of Blade etched into their arms. They decided the leave at that point and rest for the night before going back and examining the last room. After an uneventful nights rest (and Finn coming up with a rather ingenious tale of “worshipping a traveling god” which allowed him a few hours extra rest-as he was a changeling disguised as an elf, which meant he still needed a full 8hrs rest. Thane didn’t know that though.) They went back into the ruins to the final room. It turned out to be an old library were a few enslaved goblins were working diligently at the stern hand of their master who happended to be another warforged. The only difference with this warforged (besides his rather flamboyant personality) was the fact that he seemed much more advanced then the other two they had fought. While the group entered the fight that ensued with great enthusiasm it became quickly apparent (especially since Maeve made up for her crit fail the night before with a crit this time around) that they were not ready to face him. They had succeeded in their mission, which was to find out what was happening in the ruins. Since they had done so they were free to return to Vin. And return they did. Upon their return they did find some rather surprising news. The city of Fairhaven had been attacked…from the inside. It was said to be the work of the Tainted Kin. Their group attacked with numbers that ranged into the hundreds. Vin seemed very distraught by all of it, and became even more so after he heard the news of warforged camping in the ruins. He asked Maeve and Finn to stay on as temporary guards for the city of Fairhaven, at least until they were able to get their numbers back up from the attack. He revealed to them that both Lucius and the drow they had captured in the previous session had escaped during the attack, but that they had gotten their hands on one of the seeming leaders of the attack. He wanted them to question the man, but not before they had more information. He then requested that they go speak to another warforged named Athen that lived in a small community next to the blacksmithing district. He was a bit of an information broker and if anyone in the city knew about the Lord of Blades he would. They three traveled to meet him only to find out that he was one of the original warforged and therefore lacking a bit in personality and social skills. They explained to him what they wanted and in a very robotic voice he explained to them that he wanted something in return. When prodded he told them that his former master had denied him his “partner” (warforged sometimes seek companionship in the form of friendship of one another. While there is nothing sexual in this nature they share a closeness with their partners that they don’t with anyone else.) Athen tells the group that in order for him to tell them about the Lord of Blades they must first do to his master what his master had done to him. Deny him the one thing he cares for: his daughter. Thane (being a lawful neutral character…and also a bit of a racist) isn’t partial to this idea, but thanks to Finn’s quick thinking (or Sarah’s at this point, since she thought of it but her character Maeve, didn’t know Finn was a changeling) decides to try to trick Athen into believing that he is the girl. They get as much information as they can from Athen. He explains that his master’s house is built on the old mage academy and that there is a secret entrance beneath the house that can be accessed through the service tunnels in the sewer. He draws out a map that, if followed, will avoid any guards in the house. After they leave Finn takes the time to explain to Thane and Maeve the situation he is in. He is a changeling and yes, he has been deceiving them but there is a chance to do some good here. All he needs is a look at the girl (who’s name is Justine) and he can mimic her appearance. They can then question Athen for information and he can escape later on. The three agree to this plan, but it comes with a few hitches. First, the girl seems to be a loner with no friends. Secondly, Athen is an information broker. He will know if they make any contact with Justine’s father in any way. They decide the best course of action is to sneak through the house with the directions given to them by Athen so that Finn can get a good look at Justine and then leave. That night they sneak into the sewer and travel into the old mage academy. The history behind this area was that before the war when the apprentices were trying for magehood they would be sent through puzzles and trials to see if their wit, determination and intellegence could see them through. The hitch was that magic could not be used. (my team never actually cast a spell so they didn’t get to that part. If they had the wards surrounding the next area would have caused it to automatically fail). They entered a room with a large stone table about 3 feet in diameter in the center of the table. Along its edge were eight rods of different colors and designs protruding from it. The colors were as follows:
white core that went to yellow

brown core that went to green

white core that went to black

clear core that went do blue

solid black


white rod with silver lining

yellow core that went to red
The wall across from the door they entered had a picture that mirrored the table, colored rods and all. The group figured out that when you pulled the rods from the table, they disappeared from the wall. After four were pulled, a small seam appeared in the middle of the wall. After the last was pulled, the wall separated and the next room appeared. The next room was curved slightly, but was only about 12ft or so long with a small room attached to it on the outer wall. When they went into the room they noticed a waist high, thin pillar that was somewhat hollow on the inside (enough to put one of the rods inside) and around its base in elven read the following: “I mourn my birth and go down to my death.” The group placed the clear and blue rod in the pillar and the door behind them shut and the rod was ejected from the pillar. They heard a great deal of rumbling. After a moment the door re-opend and they realized the room had rotated and there was now another room where the original entrance had been. When they walked towards it, a wall slid behind them, closing them off from the first room and forcing them into the next. The room also had a pillar, but this had a different riddle. “I am always hungry, but never thirsty.” They tried various rods and moved around to various rooms until they managed to successfully insert a rod. (it was the first riddle and the rod that matched it was the white rod with yellow edges.) when they finally matched the rod they saw an illusion of a sun going through its cycles. Rising in the mourning and going down in the evening. They then went through to figure out the rest of the riddles, which goes as follows:
“I am never far behind, but always the last to catch up.”

“My body is as still as glass and always moving.”

“I am hungry but never thirsty.”

I know not time yet acknowledge the season’s passing.”

“I am the light in the shadows save for when the shadows cover me.”

“I am always beginning and have no end.”

“I have many moods yet no personality.”
After they figured out the final rod placement they were able to unlock the final room which was an entry way into the lower levels of the merchant’s house. They were able to follow Athen’s directions quickly and make it to Justine’s room. The only thing they didn’t bargain for was, firstly, Justine was blind and secondly, she didn’t want to be there anymore than they did. It turned out that the reason Justine’s father denied Athen his partner was because Justine was his partner. She had spent her life in hiding because of the shame her father felt around her blindness. She gladly left with them and the three escaped to Athen’s small shack (but not before Thane bled all over everything to make a convincing “kidnapped then killed” appearance in Justine’s room.) When they went back to Athen he explained to them that, yes, the Lord of Blades is real and he does have one of the last Cannith forges from the war. The only problem is that it currently isn’t in full working order, which means that creating a warforged can be a slow and difficult process for him. Finn also asked about the attack on the city and if the Tainted Kin were truly behind it. Athen said that he wasn’t sure. He’d heard rumors that upon Lucius’s escape he fought with the guard, defending the city, instead of against them. This was all rumor and speculation, however, and nothing could be determined for certain until more data could be obtained. Finn asked why someone would want to make it look like the Tainted Kin and if it wasn’t them, who else could it have been.


Very good session. I’m crazy curious who these people are that attacked the city. I’m thinking inside job…

I also REEEEALLY want to get back at that flamboyant warforged son of a b*tch!

Session 2

Lol, ok Finn this doesn’t count as a comment on obsidian. You have to actually comment on your character! .

Session 2

(Revision, since that didn’t count apparently :P) These last days have been quite peculiar to say the least…

First of all, meeting Maeve and Thane. Nice people. Just weird to be social. Being attacked unfortunately has become a common occurrence. Being “tried” in front of the Council of 5…scary. Fighting Warforged is probably my least favorite activity in the world. Especially when a flamboyant one literally kicks the life out of you. Not cool. Then after almost being killed by a Warforged, we have to go get information from one. Never thought I’d “kidnap” a blind girl before. Ain’t life interesting? Now, after all this I had the stupid idea to tell Maeve and Thane that I’m a changeling. I’m sure this won’t make things awkward with Thane…yeah…sure.

Crazy, crazy, crazy times.

Regards - Finn

Session 2

“I have found out that my former trusted elven company Vayne is, in fact, a changeling named Finn. I am not sure if he can be trusted, as he leans toward a life of lawlessness out of virtue of his impure breeding stock. Maeve I trust more. Her quiet demeanor may reflect a certain depth to her machinations. Still, both Maeve and this Finn have saved my life while working with me, so I have yet to find good reason of mistrust between the two of them. I have started a file on Finn and possible attempts to flout the law. Djuna remains a mysterious unknown in all of this.”

-Excerpt from the Journal of Thaneruil Saerath

Session 2

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